Testimony Short Film – Crowdfunding Now!

A short film I was Director of Photography on, “Testimony”, is a hard-hitting drama, inspired by true events that took place in Poland in 1991. Adapted as an Irish story, with all-Irish award-winning cast and crew, the film was shot in late February and is now crowdfunding to cover post-production costs.

Writter & directed by Kamila Dydyna, produced by Eamonn Tutty and Cara Bamford, the film features two Game of Thrones actors (Neill Fleming & Barrington Cullen), Clodagh Downing, whose short film “Patsy Dick” was screened during Cannes Film Festival in 2013, as well as Hilary Cotter (The Tudors) as the Judge.

Check out the film’s crowdfunding campaign and help if you can! http://igg.me/at/testimony


Filming This Week…

Busy times! This week I began working as First AC on the Filmbase feature ‘Fading Away’. Starring Antonia Campbell Hughes. It’s being shot on my Sony FS7 camera.

Over the past few days, I was assisting award-winning filmmaker Daragh Murphy on Red Empire’s new music video shoot: ‘The Chosen Few.’ Even got a small acting part in it! 🙂

Check out the Red Empire’s FB page here.