I’m an independent Irish filmmaker. My experience includes over 40 productions, ranging from feature films, through shorts, music videos, award-winning web series, documentaries, TV pilots to stage productions.

Sean Markey, www.krank.ie:

Alan Rogers is what is referred to in the business as ‘a super man’, one of those people who can do just about anything on a film set. While his usual trade is that of a camera man (or cinematographer or director of photography, if you are so inclined), he has also proven to be more than proficient working in the sound department, monitoring continuity and even editing everything together in the post production suite – “Some man for one man” as they say.

Daragh Murphy, Award-Winning Filmmaker, November Seven Films:

I have worked with Alan on numerous occasions and hope to work with him on many more. His dedication on set and within projects is unparalleled. His efficiency with multiple cameras set ups and knowledge of filming techniques meant I could rely on him with utmost confidence, ensuring that we would produce high quality results, and I wasn’t wrong.

Jason Figgis, October Eleven Pictures

I have worked as Writer/Director on several feature film projects with Alan Rogers as Director of Photography and have always found him to be highly inventive and collaborative. I cannot recommend him highly enough. 

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