Theatre / Acting

I will be playing the role of Burt in the upcoming short Thespish, directed by Maureen O’Connell.

I’m also involved behind the scenes in the upcoming play ‘unchained Melody’, Directed by Louise Dunne and produced by At Large Theatre. Here’s a quick promo I made for it.


In January I performed in an experimental 360 degree short ‘Actors Kiss’ Directed by Shane Conaty. When finished, this can be viewed on VR headsets. Should be interesting.

I performed the role of Frank in ‘Beryl’, a short play put on by At Large Theatre alongside another play ‘The Meeting’. These were on in the Harbour Playhouse on April 29th and 30th 2016. Both of these plays and another ‘Nowhere Now’ were also staged in the Edinburgh Fringe August 2016 for two weeks.





I performed in “The Craic Was Mighty” (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014). The Craic Was Mighty is a fast-paced and hilarious condensation of Irish history into one hour of lunacy. This madcap show takes a trip through pivotal moments of Irish history such as getting invaded by the Vikings, getting invaded by the Normans, getting invaded by the English, the Penal Laws, the Famine, several unsuccessful rebellions, Civil War, the Emergency, the Troubles, the Bailout and maybe some less depressing things.



I worked as a writer/ director on the following productions by Dublin-based No Drama Theatre Company.

“Kill Me, Deadly!”
“Thomas Balbriggan P.I.”
“Out of the Frying Pan”